You’ll be glad to hear that I wont be on for a while like I normally am due to laptop repairs and oncoming exams. Posts and replies will be slow x 😙




really? EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting? i find that hard to believe. stop feeding me these lies

Well it was really hard to see if it was everyone, you see they were as fast as lightning.

And to be honest it was a little bit frightening.


*gets sweaty from blogging*

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[drug dealer voice] hey kid….u want some…..oh fUCk *1000 pictures of steve buscemi fall out of jacket*

Dreamt that my dad was johnny lee miller and I had to kill him to save my mum :cccccc

"If someone can be kicked out of school for copying a paper, a person should be kicked out of school for raping another human being."

Wagatwe Wanjuki, UVM Dismantling Rape Culture Conference 2014 (via airmovesthick)

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