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That’s true but all you need to think about is you. Everyone’s grades are different, as everyone fairs differently in different subjects, exams and situations. Good, you feel optimistic and happy about your Unconditional offer, you deserve it! x

you are the best!

curry is 100% my favourite




tumblr user officialwhitegirls is my favorite blog 

isn’t that you…

tumblr user officialwhitegirls is my favorite blog 

But C’s aren’t bad though ! You need C’s to pass, and to get them is no bad thing! xx

its the stupid pressure everyone puts on you i suppose siiigh and then theres facebook where everyone seems to put their results which sucks but thank you youre making me feel more optimistic x

in other news i keep listening to embarrassing songs on spotify forgetting its connected to my facebook :c

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Try not to worry too much sweet! You’ve got the offer you would like, so at least you don’t need to worry about that. I hope that you do well, I’m sure that you did fine if you were top of your class and used Boned as inspiration!

its just last year was so bad, i got 3 C’s out of 4 grades and i cried in front of my whole family i just dont want that again :/ but thank you i hope it goes well too